Alien : Isolation, the game to the web series in seven episodes

Masterpiece of the video game released in 2014 walking in the glorious not of the “Alien” Ridley Scott, “Alien : Isolation” is adapted into a web series of 7 episodes, in which the diffusion starts as soon as tomorrow on Youtube. Creative Assembly Developed by the solid studio britannique the Creative Assembly, more known for his saga of historic strategy games Total War, it is little to say that Alien : Isolation, released in 2014, was a shock. Summit of claustrophobia and tension, it was a masterpiece of the video game; an exceptional title that not only reached to atomize up to the memory, the failings of previous, and even eclipse other games in the franchise, but rose without problem to the peaks of the Survival Horror. The title of miracle we dared not hope for since years for this franchise. A game that made finally does justice to one of the largest licenses in the history of cinema. For the little story, Alien : Isolation takes place in 2137, fifteen years after the events of the film of Ridley Scott, in which the USCSS Nostromo, a spaceship of commercial transport of the Weyland Yutani, has disappeared during a routine trip back to Earth. The player takes control of Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen. She has worked for years in the region where his mother has disappeared, in the hope of finding some answers. One day, a certain Samuels, part of the Weyland – Yutani, the recruits within a team to retrieve the flight recorder of the Nostromo. It is located at the edge of a gigantic space station : Sevastopol. The trouble is that the absolute chaos reigns in this station semi-abandoned. The authorities do not give more sign of life, a climate of civil war is installed, it is no longer to be trusted. The androids, who are usually docile, are corrupt, and do not hesitate even to kill. In fact, everything seems to be linked to an invisible threat, the perfect killing machine, hunting in the depths of the station. An enemy unpredictable and merciless which will of course lie between Amanda and her quest for truth… below, the trailer for the game… IGN and Twentieth Century Fox have announced the launch on the Youtube channel of IGN, as of tomorrow morning, a series of 7 videos, which consists of a montage of Cut Scenes of the game, linked it seems with new visual elements. An ad that is timely to support the upcoming release in Blu-ray 4K sometime in April of the Alien from Ridley Scott. Below, the trailer for this web series…

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