Netflix : users do not stand for the presence of advertising, according to a study

A study conducted in the United States shows that 57% of the respondents would leave Netflix, if the advertising was integrated into the service. Netflix telemarketing company has conducted a survey of 16 000 users to know if the presence of ads would be harmful. And the answer will probably not be happy with Netflix. In fact, 57% of respondents confirmed that they would stop watching the streaming platform, if ever ads made their appearance. The effect would also be negative if, to compensate, the giant red letters was dropping, the amount of the subscription.

It must be said that it begins to move in the market hyper-competitive streaming services. Before the commercial success of Netflix, many players have decided to develop their own platform (Disney+, CBS All Access, DC Univese…). With these potential competitors, it is the economic model which is to rethink, especially when solutions with ads seem to be preferred, in particular from the side of Hulu, and recently at NBCUniversal.

Last year, a prospective study estimated that $ 2 billion of ” losses “, do not post advertisements (assuming that the service streaming is not suffering from any exodus massive). With its 140 million users, these figures could be assessed on the rise. A shortfall colossal but it is still necessary to pass the painful pill users little enthusiasm to the idea of the imposition of advertising screens.

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